We are actively working towards a 10-year Action Plan for the Biosphere Reserve. This activity will include:

  • Developing sustainable sources of income to employ project staff for core activity as well as sourcing appropriate project funding;
  • Facilitating cooperation across the three zones and three functions;
  • Identifying social and economic benefits of the WRB for local communities;
  • Developing research activities to ensure benchmarks for monitoring
  • economic, social and environmental activity;
  • Developing systems to monitor the activity and benefits - social, environmental and economic - delivered through the three key functions; 
  • Promoting demonstration projects on how social enterprise can link conservation and use of natural resources to economic development, giving examples of best practice. These should be in line with the themes identified through the initial engagement period of the Wester Ross Biosphere Project:

    o encouraging sustainability, knowledge sharing and conservation;
    o nurturing short supply chains, local food networks;
    o preserving biodiversity, improving the health of local water systems; o encouraging sustainable communities;
    o enabling young people to stay in the area;
    o supporting the initiatives already taking place and those emerging; o reducing grant dependency and diversifying income;
    o bridging lifestyles and expectations of diverse communities;

  • Ensuring learning and knowledge exchange locally, regionally, nationally and internationally; 
  • Securing funding to implement independent projects as agreed by the Board;
  • Organising exchanges via EuroMAB and the World Network of Biosphere
  • Reserves to learn from activities taking place in different communities;
  • Support to the WRB Board 

Click here to view the submission document we gave to UNESCO.